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Costa Rica Single Origin Coffee Box

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Cupping Notes: Medium Body, Hazelnut and Toasted Caramel, Grape, Citric-Apple, Mixed Berries, Toffee, Chocolate, Very Sweet

Product Description:

Costa Rica sets the benchmark for farming excellence, matched perhaps only by Kenyan farmers in their care and attention to quality.
Historically, coffee has played a significant role in the building of the Costa Rican economy.
As such, the coffee industry in Costa Rica is respected and professional and remains highly motivated to constantly improve me it's quality because it understands there needs to be a clear point of difference between Costa Rican coffees and those from from s neighbouring producers in Central America such as Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador that all have significantly lower cost advantages.

A key reason Costa Rican coffees continue to improve is due to a stabile and growing economy - now diverse with manufacturing and service industries that are less reliant upon coffee exports. This stability has allowed the coffee industry in Costa Rica to thrive without the threats of violence and poverty that afflict other Central American origins, specifically El Salvador and Guatemala.

Costa Rica was an early innovator in the segregation of quality lots. Whereas most origins would blend good and bad lots to reach minimum cup standards, Costa Rica graded their coffees by seperating and isolating the best qualities to enable the marketing of these superb, traceable estate coffees to a huge and growing demand from coffee roasters around the world.

Costa Rica also pioneered many different processing methods and one of these types "honeyed"' is now being used at other origins to produce cleaner, sweeter coffees.

In the cup, a good Costa Rican coffee will be sweet, clean and bright. It's this combination and specifically the brightness that many coffee roasters find desirable as an essential highlight in their premium quality blends - adding sparkle and zest to their coffees.

By far the largest segment of quality coffee is the milk-based espresso and the clean, lively acids from a great Costa Rican coffee match beautifully to the milk in a flat white, cappuccino or latte.


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