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Regal Coffee Roasters - Our Story

Coffee has a long tradition in Great Britain. The first café was opened in the mid-17th century, although it served tea that was originally an expensive drink that only the bourgeoisie could afford. Our story, like all stories, is composed of emotions, obstacles, jumps and important changes in the future. Regal Coffee brings the taste, smell and pleasure of excellent coffee in British homes for more than 40 years.

regal coffee logoRegal Coffee was originally founded in 1975 as Palmer & Palmer Coffee Roasters. We operate our own boutique roaster in King’s Lynn and also roast for an ever-growing wholesale client base throughout Great Britain.

Our business is dedicated to serving our customers with the freshest coffee in the fastest turnaround time. We cater for single pack purchases for home right up to major corporate clients. Our goal is to deliver premium, locally roasted and, above all, the freshest coffee to baristas and coffee lovers! We focus on fairly traded and directly farm-sourced coffee that supports sustainability and environmental conservation, economic equality and social ethics.