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How do you like your coffee?

Every day, the first thing you set out to do is get your morning coffee. You need this to happen first thing, as nothing else will come easy without it. When you’re making your coffee in the morning, you know that you love a roasted coffee with just a touch of half & half, while your husband likes a straight black coffee. This diversity is just one aspect of why coffee is so wonderful.

When you order a coffee from a shop, do you order something different than what you could have made at home? Or are you going after the same thing? Regardless of what you are currently ordering, consider trying something new. Here is a list of the types of coffee choices you should choose when ordering a prepared hot beverage from a barista.

espresso coffee

Latte – If you’re that coffee drinker that takes a little bit of cream with your coffee consider trying a latte, which is simply steamed milk with foam a top espresso.

Macchiato – Another coffee to order from a barista is the ever favorite macchiato. This delicious beverage is simple, with one shot of espresso and just a touch of foamed milk.

Espresso – If you like your coffee black, an espresso is a great way to order a crafted beverage at a coffee shop.

You love your premium coffee on the go or right at home. The best way to drink your coffee is the way you like it. Consider joining a monthly coffee subscription to get organic coffee delivered right to your door, and never worry about running out of your beloved java again.

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